Product Approach

Ozion security software has been developed resulting from direct feedback. Survey results revealed many security stakeholders observe a lack of reliable and complete data in their operation, resulting in an inability to optimised performance and minimize risk efficiently.

Ozion simplifies processes and focuses on the essentials to maximize security performance.

Industry feedback: Agent data submissions are unreliable

The non-reliability of the data reported by the agents limits security performance. Obtaining the correct data can transform an operation from a partially traced operation to a powerful risk and performance management tool.

Stakeholder feedback indicates that the traditional form of reporting has a significant cost. The inherent disadvantages being an inability to fully trust the information presented, a loss of control on activity performance, SLA deviation and limited risk management.

Given the ability to effortlessly overcome the challenges faced along with associated benefits most security stakeholders seek, why shouldn't you transition?

It would seem perception holds many back. Software is considered complicated to understand, configure and adopt. We are proud to have built a system that overcomes such perceptions/barriers and has proven to have a quick learning process and the benefits are immediately shown.

An Activity log to empower security

The market requires a practical means of enabling important information to be entered by agents.

Ozion clients attest that when incorporated, our system witnesses, an 90 to 98% data capture rate which raises both qualitative and quantitative level of the usable data. Other observations include:

  • The software so simple to use and rewarding that agents actually enter information.
  • Only a short training session is required to feel at ease with the software, most of which is dedicated to management training.
  • The software promotes and visually recognizes the work of agents. A key motivational factor which also provides an ability to assess work quality against the 5 key indicators that are typically present in a contract.
  • The software is easily configurable to congratulate each agent in the group for the conformity of their scores and performance.

This section repeats what was said before and goes of on a tangent (talks about PRM)

The effect of collecting all data

- An elimination of the need to reconstruct and interpret information. - A risk reduction and optimized performance. - Task scheduling optimization. - Full tracking and traceability - Contract conformity - Clear monitoring

Effective security management is achieved through Ozion software - courtesy of:

  • A clear understanding of what is required to tun a smooth operation.
  • A simplification of tasks, encouraging agents to use the system
  • Dedicated and concise team training
  • Improved team motivation
  • Systematic user and management feeback.
  • The ability to observe in real-time
  • The ability to manage all components that influence contractual satisfaction.

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