Ozion assists clients adapt to a fast changing world

Ozion is proud to actively assist clients achieve; agent motivation, risk prevention and security management.

Types of consultancy

- Deployment support, - Risk Management - Quality Management - Planning Management - Change Management

Despite some commonalities, each client project is composed of unique elements and objectives. Ozion adapts a solution to fit in line with a client's strategical and operational goals.

Ozion consultancy is available for:

  • Establishing an effective deployment plan for all client sites.
  • The setup of an Agent Engagement System which assists the transformation of an agents roles into an active participant in the system. 
  • The organisation of a systematic, complete and sustainable data collection process.
  • The management of all monitoring, analysis, categorization and risk prevention mechanisms in real-time.
  • Continual management and adherence of service quality. .

Depending on client requirements, Ozion proposes the inclusion of Project Management and Change Management services to prepare, structure and steer the integration process.

Medium/Small-scale deployments

Ozion is consciously aware of the constraints and prioritization of certain operational goals in small to medium deployments. Solutions are thus adapted where limited resources are available.

With a simple to use system, minimal training training is required, clients quickly experience the benefits of the system on deployment as mastering the software is a quick achievement.

Service Provider consulting

Service providers who adopt Eva Safety-Security software typically understand that they are operating in an ever-changing environment and their ability to stand out from competing bidders can be won and lost on their capability to adapt to new challenges.

Ozion delivers the tools and functionalities that Security stakeholders have been requesting from within the industry. The benefits associated with these such desires are experienced immediately.



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