Team & Culture

Ozion’s culture is to develop software and service strategy that allow your teams to achieve what is expected of them with measurable results.

Our clients benefit from expected results because we design software to be user-friendly with the quick learning curve.

finding the most efficient way to satisfy clients needs

We serve agents as well as management. Agents remain the key to data collection. It's for this reason we design interfaces that encourages agents to use the system.

Managers no longer need to invest time in reconstructing what happened on their sites. Everything is now reported and presented by Eva Pilot. Management can now focus their attention on addresses what the system has presented.

The reliable, concise and actionable information is evolving the role of management whereby they can readily focus on analysis, appropriate decision-making and team monitoring to prevent risks, deliver the expected quality and ensure the level of performance met.

Valuing users by giving them the means to change the level of their performance and to make it known.

Valoriser nos utilisateurs en leur donnant les moyens de changer le niveau de leur performance et de le faire savoir fait partie de  notre culture.

Ozion's philosophy: you have to drive the activity continuously, always adapting the current performance to the target performance.

The agent's role is important for 3 main reasons:

  • To complete the tasks
  • To reliably upload all data,
  • To ensure to performance is always equal to or higher than the objective set by management via Eva software.

It's about setting up an environment where the whole team is doing everything to improve the general performance.


Operation adaptation is required to benefit from the system This requires a pact: enhance the agents with a much easier “app” and recognize the quality of the agents' work when they report the data and position themselves in priority on the tasks, incidents and priority risks for management in order to guarantee the conformity of the service with the objective.

Perception of management changes: they manages activities with complete and reliable data which continuously feeds the system

Risk prevention policies can be presented on the basis of historical data to explain where the main risks are, why and indicate the measures taken to prevent them.

The agent becomes a responsible, proud and increasingly autonomous ally but closely linked to management.

The safety and security department can show how its methods are comparable to those of budget management, sales or outsourcing of services outsourcés comme l’informatique.

A culture focused on improving the working-lives of agents and supervisors

  • The Ozion culture begins with the obligation to improve the lives of the users of our software, agents and management
  • The Ozion culture pushes us to create software with a service approach that allows us to change & deliver what the market expects
  • Ozion practices and promotes through its software a search for individual accountability and maximum collaboration between stakeholders - agents, site managers, security managers, operations manager as well as residents or visitors to your sites
  • Transform any service into an interesting work day

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