Ozion Approach

Ozion strives to understand each clients' 'key to success' and deliver the solution best suited to achieve their objectives.

Each Ozion solution meets a single objective: To achieve SLAs in the most efficient and effect manner possible.

Optimized Management

Providing activity management involves collecting, comparing and analyzing all data in real-time.


A reliable means to manage a service

Ozion's approach is as demanding as it is respectful.

  1. Understand what each actor expects from the service (client, individual benefits, providers, and the provider's employees, who often determine the achievement of objectives).
  2. Fully understand client needs.
  3. Model the service objectives, achievement indicators and basic rules to manage the service effectively.
  4. Simulate the business model business model
  5. Develop the essential components of the software that meet the key client requirements.
  6. Choose the technologies that best correspond to the challenges posed by the profession.
  7. Validate everything (need, functionality, ergonomics, steering) with customers in iterative “learn / build / test” loops.

Attention to real people

Ozion assists to make a service much more efficient by taking full advantage of the talents of agents, dispatchers, coordinators and managers

One of the unique offerings of Ozion products is the minimalist approach: Upon understanding the needs within the industry we have developed solutions with a simplistic interface.

Another special feature is the attention paid to users: agents, supervisors, hierarchy. We are constantly interviewing them to understand their needs and get their feedback on how the product meets them.

Ozion in Detail