Direct & Providers

Ozion works directly with end clients who want to master security management and/or providers who differentiate themselves by acquiring a means to demonstrate their conformity to contractual conditions.

Ozion works with demanding users and with providers who want to differentiate themselves.

Final clients who buy their security solution themselves ask their providers to work according to their approach and keep choose to keep their data even when they change providers.

Providers who choose to differentiate themselves by providing better, objectively demonstrable support.


Final clients appreciate being able to manage their business as their colleagues manage the financial, commercial or IT situation of the company.

This performance management is the basis of any business activity management that is considered important: sales (compliance of sales with the forecast budget), accounting (compliance of financial results with the forecast budget), production (compliance of quality with Goals).

This performance management has extended to outsourced services, inlcuding:: IT, maintenance, cleaning, management of PRM (People with Reduced Mobility).

A source of motivation

Ozion software assists clients and providers participate in a motivation environment.

The client and provider need to collaborate. Eva Office Eva Mobile and Eva Pilot are tools that contribute to successful collaborations.

Eva Desktop and Eva Mobile motivates agents to report their activities, which enables management to visualize and monitor activity performance.

Any delay or risk of operational delay in achieving the objectives are detected and are the subject of rapid corrective action.


This becomes possible when the reliable data is processed regularly.

Management can set real annual progress goals and anyone can follow them to the minute.

When a director of security can demonstrate that they manage performance activity they obtain the respect of his peers and of their superiors.

Client and provider benefits

What is there to be gained?

  • Traceability across various contractual indicators
  • Traceability across various contractual indicators
  • An accessible tool to manage the team
  • Site managers and clients can quickly agree on the data reported
  • Have the ability to challenge agents with backup intelligence/information.
  • Predict the zones where incidents may happen.
  • Show your control of the entire reporting, monitoring and analysis of your proposed service.

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