Complete your project with people who want to see you succeed

Listen, Advise, Propose

During the consultation stage an Ozion consultant will gain a deeper understanding of your goals and constraints. In turn you will be introduced to the approach, steps and conditions recommended for an optimized project.

Our commitment is to achieving the goals you set. Inevitably our success is dependent on yours.

Delivering expected results

A stand-alone product won't provide a complete solution. Software must become embedded into an operation and actively used for the benefits to materialize.

We help each client define the main conditions which can transform an operation into the most optimized and successful is can be.

Such conditions include: What are the recurring scheduled tasks? The risks followed? Procedures for incident management and intelligence? What are the team's strengths and improvement points on the site? Etc.

The successful deployment of software requires managerial support, training and agent recognition.

three areas must be addressed to encourage positive adoption of the software among agents:

  • A recognition of the agent's work, which involves communication between security managers the agents whereby positive performance can be praised.
  • The introduction of daily agent challenges. Systematically monitoring and recognizing achievements against contractual obligations.
  • The Improvement of an agents professional practice.

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