SaaS or Onsite hosting?

Ozion delivers solutions by either storing on the cloud, or onsite hosting.

The SaaS solution is the easiest option and frequently the preferred choice by clients. There are however, circumstances when a client requires onsite hosting, in which case Ozion is happy to assist.

Default Solution: SaaS

SaaS provides numerous advantages, some of which are:

  • A removed need to install software or modules directly on your servers and workstations
  • A guaranteed service level according to your needs.
  • A fast deployment.
  • The removal of update management (updates are conducted remotely).
  • Automatic data back-ups by Ozion and its hosting partner (OVH).


Some organisation maintain a desire to house the data internally, such organisations and clients include Orly Airport, Charles de Gaulles Airport, Société Générale and Total.

With an Onsite installation organisations can benefit from the experiences gained of a software developer in deploying solutions within an IT Department across various industries and companies types.


Ozion Services ensures a speed efficient deployment, fast performing and reliable system.

  • Access the simplest and most reliable SaaS solution in the Security market
  • Benefit from a reliable and quick on-site installation based on the experiences of large-scale deployments.
  • Choisissez le niveau de disponibilité et de support qui correspond à vos besoins

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